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DMQ Program

Doctor of Medical Qigong



The Doctorate in Medical Qigong a is an accumulation of ancient shamanic and postmodern energetic practices utilized to improve health of body, mind and spirit. It includes the meditation and energy work of the human body sometimes called  Study of Communicative Qi.


This program explores the foundational principals of all Classical Chinese Medicine (pre-TCM), what healing truly is and the bedrock of how all communication occurs between the physical (Jing) and Spiritual (Shen) realms.


Our non-dogmatic approach, which is adapted to American minds, blends 12 years of Dr. Cibik privately teaching Medical QiGong to healthcare providers with their very unique and specific needs – especially with regards to exercise science (i.e. western explanations for energetic practices (physics) and kinesiology). Its modern Medical QiGong foundation comes from Hai Dan University, Henan University and Xi Yuan Hospitals in China plus the rich oral traditions of ancient Dao Yin or QiGong practices dating back to the Zhou dynasty.


Inner Strength’s curriculum is, arguably, the oldest while simultaneously providing the most technologically advanced energetic healing system available for study in the 21rst century.



In addition to the robust classical Medical QiGong system, we will be including Herbology as an adjunct to the Medical QiGong prescriptions for various imbalances PLUS medicinal food for rebalancing pathology. These three modalities provide the most powerful combination of healing available.


Classical Medical QiGong consists of the oral traditions of Taoism and Buddhism as well as the inclusion of several key texts of healing. The Inner Strength curriculum includes the study of the classic books: The Huangdi Nei Jing which includes the Ling Shu and Su Wen, the Nan Jing, and the Qian Jin Yao Fang or the Thousand Ducat Prescriptions by Sun Si Miao. Additional text selections include the Ben Cao Gang Mu or the Great Pharmacopeia utilizing the Eight Extra channels theory and the study of the Zi Ran Pai or School of Naturalism. 


The system of assessment and energetic evaluation of energetic imbalances is too, classical in nature. Inner Strength’s curriculum includes Chinese & western herbals and nutritional prescriptions to fully balance post-natal Qi regulation (Food/drink/herbs/supplements + QiGong = post natal Qi).

Most importantly, we are taking Energy medicine theory as it has been taught in the west, and returning it to the roots of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Additional energetic concepts will include how to use this information for all living creatures, perfect for veterinarians and animal lovers from Sea World to one’s own dog or cat.


The course is designed for serious students to dedicate off-campus time for reading, research and study, answering Dr. Cibik’s written assignments, doing self-cultivation practice, and becoming introspective of their studies.


The course is offered through a 12 month series of weekend intensive. These monthly weekend intensives are designed to bring new material (not available in books) to the students attention and integrate their prior reading and self-practice into a deeper understanding, to have questions answered, to work in a clinical setting, and to hear information passed down from an oral tradition.  



This course is offer to Inner Strength graduates holding a Masters in Medical Qigong.

It is also open to students/graduates from other schools or systems that hold the equivalent in content and hours as the Masters In Medical Qigong.


Those applying from outside schools will need to provide transcripts or proof of hours and curriculum content, and take a entry test to assure they are at the appropriate level for this course.


For those who are just beginning their qigong study, we recommend our new Medical Qigong Therapist program that is the entry level training for the serious qigong student.




This certification program provides you the requirements as


a Level 3 Qigong Instructor as required by the National Qigong Association


NQA Clinical Practitioner



Certification Programs:




Begin your studies with the

Medical Qigong Therapist Certification beginning Nov 2017


Already an a MQT? Then our Master of Medical Qigong program begins in Sept 2017


Already an MMQ?

Our next DMQ level year begins Sept 2018



2017-2018 DMQ class:

Weekend program held on the third weekend of the month

May 20-21, 2017

June 17-18

July 15-16

Aug 19-20

Sep 16-17

Oct 21-22

Nov 18-19

Dec 16-17

Jan 20-21, 2018

Feb 17-18

Mar 17-18

Apr 21-22 Graduation



A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first class date.

Payment plans are available that include a interest fee.


A list of books needed for the course will be emailed once the deposit is received. Additionally, a college level course of Anatomy and Physiology must be completed.

All classroom supplies and books

are not included in the tuition.


Class Size:

Class size in limited in order for there to be quality dissemination of information and personal guidance to each student. All classes have mandatory attendance with this intensive program.


If a student misses a weekend intensive, he/she must schedule private training with Dr. Cibik within three months of the missed class, at an additional cost not covered by tuition.


After 3 missed classes in any one-year without makeup, the student is put on probation with the possibility of expulsion without refund.



The Doctorate in Medical Qigong will be awarded after the completion of the of training, passing grades on written and oral practical exams, case studies submitted and all financial obligations met.



This program is $5000. This is non-refundable after the session has begun.


A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first class date.


A list of books needed for the course will be emailed once the deposit is received. Additionally, a college level course of Anatomy and Physiology may be required based on the students background. All classroom supplies and books are not included in the tuition.

CHI Retreat House:


Inner Strength now offers overnight accommodations for a limited number of students at our CHI house at an additional low rate. CHI house has 4 bedrooms, with two room set up for room sharing for students.


This family homestead is set on our 66 acre campus and provides the students with quiet time, and the ability to practice their qigong and meditation in meadows or woodlands or gardens.


With a full kitchen available to students, those who practice various diets and prefer to make their own food can do as as if they were in the comfort of their own home.


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