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Immortal Seasonal QiGong: Certification & Retreat Program


Program Dates:
April 1-5, 2017
July 1-5, 2017
October 7-11, 2017
January 6-10, 2018



Series of 4 Five Day Qigong Classes
that honor and teach about the energy of the seasons, from a Taoist Qigong perspective.


Certificate of completion for 120 hours of Formal Qigong training and as an Immortal Seasonal Qigong Practitioner upon successful completion of all four sessions.


Inner Strength’s curriculum includes:

  • Shen - Gong for the 4 cycles

  • Herbs for the Seasons for Clearing and conditioning

  • Biorhythms of the seasons and it's affect on the mind and body

  • Taoist Mudras for the Seasons

  • And Much More



This quarterly QiGong program is designed for the QiGong Practitioner and/or Taoist student who wishes to learn more about living in conjunction with the cycles and seasons, and understand it's influence on our bodies.

There have long been practiced, herbs, foods, and exercises used for different seasons to assist in balancing the body, mind, and spirit. We understand these dysfunctions today as diagnosis of 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' or a number of other autoimmune dysfunctions.


The course is designed for serious students wish to come and learn, practice, meditate and connect with the energy of the seasons, in order to be able to integrate practices into their own lives, and also be able to teach these practices to others.


Students may attend one retreat and enjoy it's benefits. Those who register for all four retreats receive a greatly discounted rate, and also will be awards a Certificate in Immortal Seasonal Qigong.



This course is offered to anyone with a basic knowledge of Qigong. If one has not had a formal Qigong practice we recommend attending the Medical Qigong for Self Health Program offered at Inner Strength. This is also open to students/graduates from other schools or systems.


A Certificate of 40 hours of Qigong Training will be given at the end of each session for those training their hours for certification through the National Qigong Association.






To register for all 4 sessions ( tuition $5000) - deposit of $1000 to hold you space in all four sessions 

Lodging at CHI House request?

-OR -

To register for one session, and pay in full for that session


Which session?
Lodging at CHI House request?

Class Size:


Class size in limited in order for there to be quality dissemination of information and personal guidance to each student.





Certification Programs:

Program Dates:
April 1-5, 2017
July 1-5, 2017
October 7-11, 2017
January 6-10, 2018


tuition: $2000 per session


$5000 for all 4 sessions


A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first class date.


Lodging is not included in the tuition.










CHI Retreat House:


Inner Strength now offers overnight accommodations for a limited number of students at our CHI house at an additional low rate.


This family homestead is set on our 66 acre campus and provides the students with quiet time, and the ability to practice their qigong and meditation in meadows or woodlands or gardens.


With a full kitchen available to students, those who practice various diets and prefer to make their own food can do as as if they were in the comfort of their own home.


There are 3 bedrooms with queen beds, and one bedroom with two twin beds (for students who might wish to room share and share on expenses).


There is a limit number of accommodations onsite for the out of town students or those looking for a full retreat experience.  Please contact us ahead of time to reserve your sleeping room.


Rooms are at an additional rate of $70 a night for queen rooms, and $80 an night for the king / twins bedroom.



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