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Inner Strength’s programs are designed to be the perfect customized education program for YOU.


We feel strongly about there being more QUALIFIED ENERGY HEALERS in the world, who understand how to both protect their own energy matrix, while providing medical qigong treatment to their patients or clients.


Tuition and Admission Policies


We recommend that you register for your class or private study program with deposits 6 weeks prior to the start date.


Enrichment /Retreat Classes may fill before the date.


We strictly limit the number of students to provide quality of instruction and individual attention. Inner Strength reserves the right to close registration when a class is full.  Deposit amount to hold space in class is $1000.


Full tuition is due before the beginning of the first class session. All necessary pre-testing for classes should be scheduled and completed prior to the deadline date of the class.


Full refund of deposit is guaranteed if cancellation occurs 30 days prior to start date.  If the student needs to withdrawl from the course, a 30% refund of the full tuition is guaranteed after 30 day prior and before seminar start date. No refund will occur once the seminar has begun.


If sessions are missed due to illness or emergency, the student can use his/her tuition towards attendance at future coursework at Inner Strength, within 1 year of the date of the seminar missed.


Non-discrimination Policy

Applicants will be considered on an individual basis without regard to race, gender, religious or personal beliefs, lifestyle choices or age.  Inner Strength is a handicapped accessible building.  We will make every effort to assist differently-abled clients in their educational pursuits within the facility.



PRIOR TRAINING: No prior knowledge of QiGong is required for entry into the MQT qigong certification program. Transfer students may be considered on a case-by case basis to test out of certain areas of study, (fee of $125 per area), based on their experience or training in other formal Medical QiGong or TCM schools.




Inner Strength is a healing facility; therefore all students are expected to behave in a humane and compassionate way while on the premises. For this reason no form of aggression or harassment will be tolerated and any may be grounds for immediate dismissal. 


Students are requested to behave politely and in a mature fashion.  No student shall compromise the safety of others at any time.


No illegal drugs or weapons of any kind are permitted on the premises. Students are requested to dress comfortably and modestly in a manner that permits freedom of movement.


Certification Programs:



We also offer certification and coaching in PRIVATE TRAINING.  While energy medicine is not something that lends itself to distance learning, our program structure allows non-local students to schedule their time away from home and work in a manner that allows them to earn a certification in a unique and powerful method of healing.


Our curriculum is open to students who want to earn a certificate as well as to students who, for the pure sake of learning want to acquire knowledge to improve their health or the health of loved ones.


Our certification programs are multi-level, and structured in a series of courses held privately with Dr Cibik.


Our certification programs may also have some requirements that the student will complete at home, such as clinical case studies, CPR certification, and ongoing participation in an energy based exercise program such as t'aiji or QiGong. Some higher level courses will require clinic hours.



Dr. Cibik offers personal private study in Medical Qigong certification to make sure you get quality attention in this field of energy medicine. Private study courses for certification can be scheduled based on your availability and when you wish to complete your program.


Private study provides one-on-one training starting at your level, and customized to what you wish to do with the information.  Your days consist of part lecture, with reading assignments, assigned meditation and qigong practice. You will have use of the Inner Strength classroom and beautiful grounds for your energy work and study time during the day.

You will complete the course by testing on concepts and energy work.


Private study programs in 2017-2018 are priced at $2700 per 5 day course.


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