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Medical QiGong Certification / Private Study

It is rare that a renown teacher and Energy medicine school will consider private study students. If our listed course schedule does not work with your personal schedule, perhaps consider training some of your courses privately.

Why Private Study?

Private study and practice at Inner Strength with Dr. Cibik has many advantages that enhances ones ability to learn and understand the material being taught. The information will be expressed in a language and on a level that the individual brings to the class. If one is new to this form of health practice it will be explained from this perspective and if the level of the student is advanced it will begin at the level of their understanding. This allows a very productive and timely exchange of information while permitting extra time to be spent on material where the individual may have difficulty or little knowledge.

Energetic Considerations

Each individual will bring their own energetic challenges at personal balancing which can be directly addressed with Dr. Cibik, to prepare for the time when the student will be treating others and teaching them to develop balance and maintain it for self managed health. This is enhanced by the one-on-one instruction specific to the student and their own level of practice and health issues. This personal instruction prevents the individual from being influenced by outside energies which may be brought in from others, allowing the student to determine with certainty which energies and influences are their own so that they can be sure not to pass these along to their clients when they are ready to begin treating others. It is at this time Dr. Cibik can help the student to appreciate their own individual strengths and enhance them while balancing any weaknesses to prevent passing on these energies to the patient.

Personal Time Table

Individual instruction gives the student the opportunity to set up the days, months and year, which fit their life style, time availability and economic situations. You can plan how often and when you would like to add to your knowledge and level of credits.


Certification Programs:

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Dr. Cibik offers personal private study in Medical Qigong certification to make sure you get quality attention in this field of energy medicine. Private study courses for certification can be scheduled based on your availability and when you wish to complete your program.


Private study provides one-on-one training starting at your level, and customized to what you wish to do with the information.  Your days consist of part lecture, with reading assignments, assigned meditation and qigong practice. You will have use of the Inner Strength classroom and beautiful grounds for your energy work and study time during the day.

You will complete the course by testing on concepts and energy work.

Private study programs in 2017-2018 are priced at $2700 per 5 day course.  
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