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Instructor: Ted J. Cibik, PhD, DMQ, N.D.

Ted Cibik, Dr. of Classical Chinese Medicine  was one of the first graduates of the International Institute of Medical Qigong to complete his doctorate in this program, and has the longest-running instructional and practical Medical QiGong Programs taught in English outside of California.

Dr. Cibik has been the professional track instructor for the National Qigong Association, and is the chair of the certification committee for the NQA. His certification programs therefore meet the NQA stringent requirements for quality practitioners.

Dr. Cibik opened his Integrative Medicine Clinic at Inner Strength in 1999 using Medical QiGong and brings the experience of over thousands of case scenarios to his classes.

Dr. Cibik is a senior student of Jeffrey Yuen, and was awarded the title of Zhong Yi, or Chinese Physician, due to his exceptional understanding of Chinese medicine. He is a disciple of the Taoist linage Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai, Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu Sect.

Like the famous Chinese physician Sun Si Miao, Dr. Cibik was sickly as a child, so his interest in medicine grew naturally. His pediatricians believed he would never live past the age of five. Through exercise, nutrition, and meditation he has lived the healing process all his life and now teaches willing students.

Dr. Cibik’s knowledge and presentation style has been sought by hospitals, government agencies (including the National Institute of Health), and  psychologists all over the United States for his insight into Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, counseling and Medical QiGong.

Dr Cibik is recognized by Taoist priests, Buddhist monks, medical doctors and PhD’s for his unique ability to communicate ideas from an Eastern perspective, to a western medical perspective and visa-versa. Raised in both Ch’an Buddhism and Christianity provides a unique balance and insight in his teachings.

Dr. Cibik's research and investigation into Energy Medicine has been acknowledged by top Energy Medicine researchers for his unique insights into it’s healing methods and various modalities of Chinese Medicine. He is a top lecturer at past ACEP conferences, Taoist conferences and the National Qigong conferences. 

Dr. Cibik's work has been published in such periodicals as: Journal of Naturopathic Medicine; IDEA Health and Fitness Source; Journal of Chinese Medicine; Oriental Medicine: Pacific College of Oriental medicine ; Traditional Chinese Medicine World ; Qi ; Empty Vessel.

He has lectured at traditional allopathic hospitals and has worked for the last 17 years with the American Lung Association as a facilitator and teacher to asthmatic children on methods for breathing more effectively.

As you work in your certificate program with Dr Cibik, you benefit from his one on one attention with you, allowing you to work on your own health and balance issues, to become the profound healer your were born to be.

Under his expert guidance and attention, you receive an education unlike no other in the world.


Dr Ted J. Cibik



  Certification Programs:

Dr. Cibik / Dr. Valerie Hunt,

 a pioneer in the field of Bio Energy Study


Dr. Cibik / Dr. Candice Pert,

 a pioneer in the field of Bio Energy Study



Dr. Cibik / Dr.Joan Borysenko, Harvard Medical scientist



Dr. Cibik / Dr. Jerry Johnson, founder of the International Institute of Medical QiGong




Top notch first rate presentation of profoundly rich material, giving an excellent 50,000 ft view of TCM.


I am inspired and energized to continue studying.  Sifu Cibik has unparallel passion, devotion and expertise." 


- K. Thomas, QiGong practitioner


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Ted J. Cibik

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