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Education and Certification Overview

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"Here at Inner Strength,

we have been teaching Mind/Body exercise for over 20 years and we have experienced an enormous amount of interest and growth and along with that, suggestions on how to improve our programs and certifications.

I am streamlining the course work with definitive dates making it a little more definitive for individuals to begin to teach these wonderful modalities,

The first course, Inner Strength: Medical QiGong for Self Health (MQ1), is the foundation course for everything we teach here at Inner strength and is mandatory to take.

After the MQ1, the student enters into the monthly weekend program. At the end of the first year with passing grade and completed assignments they are awarded their Medical Qigong Therapist certification. At the end of a successful year two, they have a achieved a Master of Medical Qigong and at the end of their third year, they graduate as a Doctor of Medical Qigong program.

For those who are so moved to study more in a spiritual direction, we have the Formless Taoism 2-year course culminating in ordination as a Taoist priest.

Our Programs History

Our Medical QiGong Program began in 1999. Our Chinese Health Certification programs are an expansion of the QiGong program which provide future practitioners and therapists nutritional and exercise based therapies for use with their clients. We believe strongly in this approach, considering our program Medical Qigong PLUS! Using the full relationship of internal and external acquired qi through food and herbs as well as exercise and meditation provides for a more effective healing process.

These course are excellent for those looking to learn more about their own self- health. Dr. Cibik has over 20 years of expertise in the field of public speaking and coaching people through a variety of life issues.

As the students completes aspects of the program they have the benefits on one on one attention and work with Dr Cibik on their own health issues. As many who come into the world of health care as a profession, as draw their through their own health related challenges.

Curriculums for these Chinese Health programs are based on the extremely successful programs he has offered to Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and government agencies. These programs can prepare health care and personal service providers with the essential information and skills needed to better assist their clients and patients, as well as their family, friends, and themselves. 

Certification Programs:



Dr. Ted Cibik is one of only a few Doctors of Medical QiGong in the United States and is an active Board Member of the National Association of QiGong, and an esteemed member of the World Academic Society of Medical QiGong.

Dr. Cibik maintains an active Medical QiGong clinic at Inner Strength, and is involved in working with clients and patients on a daily basis using this ancient and powerful healing art.




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