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"I recently attended the Introduction to Medical QiGong workshop presented by Dr. Ted Cibik.

I attend many workshops on a variety of topics, and found this one to be first rate.

The content was information packed, and Ted's informal, down-to-earth style and willingness and enthusiasm to answer a wide range of questions made this a rewarding experience for all.

I would highly recommend it to all those interested in energy medicine." 

- G. E. S., Ph.D., ABMPP


"I first attended this seminar in 2005, and since that time with the use of the information, physical trainings of the Daoist Five exercises, meditations and breathing instructions, my health on all three levels, physical, emotional and spiritual have continued to improve beyond what I thought was possible.

To this very day I am still exploring the depths of what these simple yet life changing exercises and practices of self cultivation can bring to ones life and health. Most amazing is that it does not stop there. The changes that took place in my own well being also had a profound effect on those that are close to me. The changes that happened within me also created healing and well being to those around me.

My life and health at that time was in great need of change if I was to live with any quality of life. I still refer back to my notes from this class, rediscovering the wealth of information and advice given in this seminar.

Dr. Cibik shares with a generous spirit, his experiences and knowledge to people at all levels of health and well being, whether those in health crisis or those who are health care providers needing to keep themselves balanced so that they may help others, his instructions and teachings are understandable and helpful to all levels.

I have a deep gratitude for Dr. Cibik and what I have learned from studying with him, for the changes that resulted from this modest beginning are still unfolding in my life today.

This seminar was a beginning and catalyst for change in my life, to which I have yet to find any limits to. I am still at the present day practicing and deepening my self cultivation using these techniques.

The journey began in 2005 and still continues today, always deepening and enriching not only my life, but those whom are close to me, as well as those I may chance to meet.

I can highly recommend this seminar to all who are looking for a positive change in their life and well being. It will serve you for the rest of your life."

Debra Brunken, DMQ

 "I learned so much - I regret that I didn't meet and learn from you 30 years ago!"
- S.Segall, M.Ed. Taiji and Yoga instructor



I strongly endorse Ted Cibik.

He is highly trained in Chinese Medicine and many other modalities related to health and healing.

I have had the pleasure to witness Ted at work, speaking to an audience at a national conference.

In addition to the profound depth of his knowledge, his enthusiasm and joy were infectious to all.


Ted is a highly intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable individual with a great sense of humor and positive attitude.

His fine personal qualities and wide range of interests and abilities will surely be an asset to those who seek out his knowledge and expertise.

July 31, 2008
Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist,



"This is true soul work.

Ted and his style of presenting information speaks deeply to levels of the consciousness that is rarely accessed"

- student 2006


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Inner Strength reserves the right to close registration when a class is full.  Deposits are $1000 for group classes and $5000 for private study.


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We accept money orders, checks and cash. Full tuition is due before the beginning of the first class session. All necessary pre-testing for classes should be scheduled and completed prior to the deadline date of the class.


No refund will occur once the program has begun.


If sessions are missed due to illness or emergency, the student can schedule private sessions with Dr. Cibik to catch up on the missed course work. Then may be done using telephone or Skype, but will be charged at an additional rate for private study, not included within the tuition amount.


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Applicants will be considered on an individual basis without regard to race, gender, religious or personal beliefs, lifestyle choices or age.  Inner Strength is a handicapped accessible building.  We will make every effort to assist differently-abled clients in their educational pursuits within the facility.




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"One of the positive notes of my illness is that it has lead me to the path of this class.

I now understand what my Buddhist teacher said in response to my questions about why I am suffering.

I now realize that I am learning from my suffering to help others suffer less. The Chinese Health courses are the rainbows on my path"  

- D. Mamros



Top notch first rate presentation of profoundly rich material, giving an excellent 50,000 ft view of TCM.


I am inspired and energized to continue studying.


Sifu Cibik has unparallel passion, devotion and expertise." 


- K. Thomas,

QiGong practitioner



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